Corion Platform(2017/6/18-2017/7/30)

Platform for mainstream crypto users built on Ethereum Classic with a price controlled token and incentive based inflation rewards. CORION Platform has been created on the Ethereum Classic blockchain to become the entry point into the Crypto World. Unique algorithms, which create stable price per CORION token (COR) while still expanding the market cap as the currency goes through hyper- growth, generated by the demand- based coin emission (daily 0-2.5%).

Corion Platformの販売期間





Corion Platformについて


Corion Platformのロードマップ

2015-2016 – We had a Dream

Market research, tests
Business and development plan

2017 Q1 – Starting the Development

Closing the Concept of CORION Platform
Starting the development of CORION Wallet

2017 Q3 – The Dream becomes reality

The first version of the multidimensional CORION Wallet with the the following basic
features is released:
Secured web application
Two-Factor authentication with Google Authentication or PIN
Secured asset and private key storage with 256 bit AES encryption
Send – receive cryptocurrencies
Transaction history with export function
Currency based separate account management
Option to personalize the accounts (rename, coloring)
Option to personalize the wallet itself
Integrated multi-currency exchange platform
Participate in the Coin Emission – become a Provider or join one
CORION Coin stabilizer via CORION Game
Option for donation and charity
Refer a friend affiliate system
Initialize debt collections

2017 Q4 – One step further

Integration of at least 5 further famous cryptocurrencies
Integration at least 1 FIAT currency
KYC (know your customer)
Further development of multi-currency exchange platform
Releasing Android, iOS and Windows Phone applications
Two-Factor biometric authentication
Common Criteria (CC) certificate (EAL level)
Extended information, charts about the cryptocurrency rates
Automated bill payments
CORION Wallet community and encrypted messaging

2018 – Vision

Multi-signature verification
Card and NFC payment methods
Investment options
P2P lending
Trading options
Cloud mining (the most used coins)