Bitquence(2017/6/28-2017/7/28 )

Bitquence’s Mission is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everybody, accelerating adoption of blockchain technology and democratizing ownership of cryptocurrencies.They make cryptocurrencies easier to purchase and transfer allowing the average individual to participate in the New Economy. They believe in the philosophical mission established by Satoshi Nakamoto. By creating a secure layer that is accessible to the average person, they put the power in the hands of the people – where it belongs.









Our ultimate vision and goal is to make BQX the payments standard for services all around
the world. This will take years, but we believe the roadmap outlined above is a valid and solid
strategy to get there while being useful to the community along the way. Early adopters of
the token will gain the benefits of the Bitquence platform at very low cost. Once the
Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network has been established, the BQX token will be transferrable
and liquid into any supported crypto or fiat currency. This will make sending a wide variety of
crypto currencies as easy as sending Paypal or Venmo via email or text message. This will
open the door to mass adoption for Universal Mobile Payments using BQX for any merchant
at extremely low integration, infrastructure and transactional costs. Eventually, the roadmap
includes rapid asset allocation to occur through the Bitquence Digital Liquidity Network
and/or partner networks, making rapid asset allocation as cost effective, fast and reliable as

Stage 1: Dynamic Asset Allocations
In the first phase of development, we will be creating an easy to use interface for rapidly
diversifying funds in the crypto market. We hope to roll out the product a few months after
the token sale. Users will be able to use the Bitquence Token on the platform as “gas” and we
will begin to establish liquidity utilizing the backbone of these asset allocations. We hope to
create OTC and darkpool integration for bulk transactions.

Stage 2: Digital Liquidity Network
The second phase of development is establishing the liquidity network. This will require a
legal framework as well as sufficient platform usage in order to operate. The liquidity network
will allow value to be rapidly transmuted from one currency to another utilizing the
Bitquence token as a bridge. Automatic gas conversion and dynamic asset allocations will be
the base of this liquidity. Furthermore, the Bitquence tokens reserved for the liquidity
network will allow Bitquence to act as the counterparty for many of the initial transaction
pairs and BQX conversions on the network. As more people use the platform, more liquidity is
generated. This will be a longer process, but will yield very useful features later.

Stage 3: Global Services
After establishing the Digital Liquidity Network, we can look towards long-term global
services goals. Decentralizing the liquidity network and partnering with liquidity providers
will further decrease risk to users and enable value transmission anywhere in the world using
BQX tokens. This opens the door to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and the creation of a
universal global payments system.